Gatekeepers Banquet Oct 2015: Judith Halim

"How God Restored My Marriage & Finances"

Dear Gatekeepers and friends,

Our Gatekeepers Banquet returns in October with a powerful testimony of a Kingdom ambassador in the F&B industry.

"How God Restored My Marriage & Finances" - Judith Halim

Judith Halim, born & raised in Indonesia, came to Singapore at the age of 20 to start a new life with her unborn baby. Abandoned in Singapore by her husband then, with a child born with heart and brain abnormalities, Judith contemplated suicide. Instead, she was saved at a church service.

Her life story of trying to find employment in a foreign land to support her sick child and herself, working her way over the years from a security guard to top management and then giving it all up when she heard God tell her to start a F&B business.

Do invite your family, friends and business associates to our coming Gatekeepers Banquet and hear Judith share how God can turn the toughest of situations around.

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Mon Oct 12, 2015
7:00 PM - 10:00 PM SGT
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Antica Ballroom, Orchard Parade Hotel, 1 Tanglin Road
Seat [1 Pax] $30.00

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Orchard Parade Hotel, 1 Tanglin Road Singapore
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